It all started when a Brand Manager, piqued by the hassles of mainline ad agencies, decided to get on to the other side of the table and form an alliance with Creativity and Deadline, respecting and treating both of them equally.

An independent and multidisciplinary creative agency has been on a journey with a modus operandi that has flexibly carved out a niche in the creative design world.


We provide the most innovative solutions to the most complex design briefs.


P.S. We are skilled myth-busters. Our all-time favourite is:


‘Design agencies laze around during the weekends and procrastinate like they own the brand.’


Thinkers, Strategists, Artists, Designers, Animators, Storytellers, Tech geeks and every other creative profile you can think of are a part of PRAKRIA




Kickass humans who love and worship the ad world just like we do are always welcome to visit and become a part of us (don’t forget to bring in your work along otherwise we’ll restrict ourselves to Coffee and chit-chat)



Our studio doesn’t have a reception. Just barge in and say Hi! (We don’t mind receiving gifts from clients unless it’s a law firm we’re working with!)


902, Aggarwal Corporate Heights

Netaji Subhash Place

Pitampura, New Delhi- 110034

Tel: 011-47200901

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